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Filiriko is the perfect place to go in China if you want the most effective and inexpensive Tinted PPF. We can help you save money and time by lowering your costs and assisting you in maximizing your revenues. We may tailor your request to your specifications and provide you with a wide range of options.

You can tell your precise paint protection film (PPF) tints at Filiriko. Get in touch with us right away!

Filiriko Tinted PPF

Filiriko is a well-known Tinted PPF manufacturer in China. We have a wide selection of Tinted Paint Protection Film (PPF) to choose from. Filiriko is the place to go if you need a high-quality tinted paint protection film for your business or other uses. For many years, we’ve been developing tinted paint protection films in various designs. We can fulfill your orders on schedule since we’re a competent provider. If you require any additional information, please get in touch with us right away!

Our Tinted PPF Series

PPF Car Headlight Tint

Filiriko PPF Car Headlight Tint features a self-healing and anti-scratch. It is a TPH material that has a 0.3*15m and logo/badge color.

Tinted Anti-Scratch PPF

Filiriko Tinted Anti-Scratch PPF is great for body sticker use that has a transparent color. It features a 30% high brightness and 8mil thickness. 

Tinted Car Auto PPF

Filiriko Tinted Car Auto PPF features stain resistance, anti-aging, and anti-UV. It has a 98% gloss and E < 1.0 yellowing resistance.

High-Flexible Tinted PPF

Filiriko High-Flexible Tinted PPF is a car paint protection usage, and body stickers use. It has a transparent color and 168 TPU thickness. 

Transparent PPF Tint

Filiriko Transparent PPF Tint is a stretchy film type and a blow molding processing type. It features a moisture-proof that is PE material.

PPF Solar Tinted

Filiriko PPF Solar Tinted features a 1.52*15m size and clear color. It is a TPH material that is perfect for body stickers use.

PPF Car Wrapping Tinted

Filiriko PPF Car Wrapping Tinted has a glossy finish surface that features an anti-scratch. It is a car metro wrapping application.

TPU PPF Tinted

Filiriko TPU PPF Tinted features an anti-scratch and glossy finish. It is an ideal in-car metro wrapping application that has protection usage.

Unbreakable Tinted PPF

Filiriko Unbreakable Tinted PPF is a car glass film type that has solar control usage. It is a PET material that is ideal for wet stick application.

Why Filiriko Tinted PPF

Filiriko is China’s leading company, innovating and developing Tinted PPF for business and institutional applications. When it comes to tinting supplies, you can constantly rely on us. You can trust Filiriko’s Tinted PPF products to be efficient and dependable.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re a producer, marketer, or new to the world of window film. For all of your tinting demands, you can trust us. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible to discuss your product development.

Tinted PPF

Filiriko Tinted PPF Video

Tinted PPF Installation
Tinted PPF Manufacturer

Filiriko is a well-known Tinted PPF manufacturer and supplier in China, with over 20 years of industry experience. We manufacture high-quality Tinted PPF to our client’s specifications. Filiriko is passionate about supplying clients with Tinted PPF of higher quality, more ecologically friendly, more dependable, and more cost-effective.

We have a lot of expertise in creating unique window tint designs for your need. Our team will provide you with a high-quality Tinted PPF as well as excellent after-sales support. Please send us a note right now!

Tinted PPF

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Filiriko- Your Reliable Tinted PPF Manufacturer

Filiriko is an excellent site to visit in China if you’re seeking a one-stop window tint provider. We want to highlight our long-lasting Tinted PPF, which may use it in a variety of applications. We created Tinted PPFand other film products with excellent performance.

Filiriko colored security tint is a low-cost security element for both commercial and residential properties. Any OEM and modification solutions are also welcome. Check out our assortment for all of your unique Tinted PPF needs!

The process of Tinted PPF Installation

  1. Car Wash And Decontamination

Before installing Paint Protection Film on the complete car or the entire front (bumper, hood, fenders, headlights, and mirrors), we rinse the vehicle to ensure no debris remains on the surface. During the wash, we examine the car to see if any paint repair is necessary.

  1. Clay Bar

Complex pollutants such as insect remnants, splatters, road asphalt, and acid rain can be removed with clay barring. Clay barring increases the shine of the car while also smoothing down the surface for a glossy feel.

  1. Polishing

It conducts polishing before applying PPF since it aids in the restoration of automotive paint that has lost its luster due to oxidation. Polishing can eliminate surface scratches, swirls, oxidation, dirt, and other minor imperfections.

  1. Precut PPF

All of our designs are precut. We have access to all automotive patterns thanks to Paint Protection Film program. By precutting the Paint Protection Film on the paint, we can eliminate any extra hazards. The designs compliment the car well, and we also wrap all of the corners.

Filiriko also has an excellent engineering team and a research and development team to produce a cutting-edge solution. As a result, we can supply the finest quality black paint protection film in China.

Filiriko is an excellent choice for your Tinted PPF applications. These films are an example of Tinted PPF. Our extensive expertise in window tint processing enables us to meet your deadlines with speed, efficiency, and cheap pricing.

For your automotive needs, Filiriko only carries the largest and most successful companies of Tinted PPF. It contains attributes and capabilities that make it a good match for your requirements. Filiriko is the place to go if you need Tinted PPF.

Please message us right now for more details on high-performance window tints and a quick estimate. We are accessible to help you 24/7.

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