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Find the best tinted security film at a very affordable rate at Filiriko. We manufacture and supply high-performance tinted security films suitable for automotive, commercial, and residential applications. A more advanced security option that can boom your business.

Choose Filiriko now to manufacture your specific tinted security film.

Filiriko Tinted Security Film

Our Filiriko tinted security films are produced and assembled to the exacting specifications for home, commercial, and architects. It offers excellent security and safety features, high heat rejection, 99% UV radiation protection, and solar glare-reducing tint. We, at Filiriko are committed to help and share our rich knowledge and experience to match the clients’s concerns. We will recommend the best tinted security film for the value and performance. Message us directly!

Our Tinted Security Film Series

One Way Tinted Security Film

Get our latest design one-way tinted security film. It can protect windows from natural disasters, reduce the potential of injury from flying glass, etc.

Two Way Tinted Security Film

Filiriko two-way tinted security film can be customized according to your idea, color, sizes, features, etc.

Nano Ceramic Security Window Tinted Film

This product adopts the new nano dispersion and polymerization technology that delivers high-clear, stable in quality, and weather-resistant.

45cmx300cm Solar Reflective Tinted Security Film

For added security, this product has an extra protective barrier. Manufacture with 0.15mm-0.20mm thickness, easy to install, and reusable.

Bullet-Proof Tinted Security Film

Equipped with full automatic machines,our production line has ability to produce bullet-proof tinted security film.

Colored Tinted Security Film

Choose the outstanding color for your tinted security film. It is ideal for home, office, car applications.

Custom Tinted Security Film

Using custom tinted security film, you can experience energy saving, thermal insulation, privacy and security protection, etc.

Explosion Proof Tinted Security Film

Filiriko can supply explosion-proof tinted security film with great features and advantages. All products have passed EN71-3, Phthalates Free, REACH inspection certificate.

High-Quality Tinted Security Film

Tinted Security Film is made from the highest quality material for extreme security and durability.

Why Filiriko Tinted Security Film

Filiriko is your #1 tinted security film provider in China. We choose excellent and high-quality raw materials to produce superior tinted security film. With more than two decades of experience, we can guarantee a security film solution.

If you are a supplier, distributor, or new to the subject of window film, you come to the proper manufacturer. Our team is very sensitive to the quality service we provide our customers. Message us directly!

Tinted Security Film

Filiriko Tinted Security Film Video

Tinted Security Film
Tinted Security Film

Filiriko is an exceptional manufacturer and supplier of tinted security films. We produce second-to-none tinted security films and other film products. We have rich manufacturing experience and mature technology you can rely on. You can obtain the best products and reliable services at Filiriko.

Filiriko tinted security films offer multiple benefits. These products are widely sold worldwide and get great feedback from customers. It comes with different specifications, thicknesses, dimensions, shades, and designs. Custom tinted security films with Filiriko!

Filiriko Tinted Security Film

Tinted Security Film Benefits

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Filiriko- Your #1 Tinted Security Film Manufacturer

Are you looking for the best tinted security film manufacturer in China? Filiriko is your ultimate answer. We invite you to message us right away for your tinted security film requirements and experience our award-winning service, which has made us famous worldwide.

Filiriko tinted security film is a cost-effective security feature for commercial properties and households. Adding Filiriko tinted security film to your window is an outstanding measure for improving your sense of privacy in your space.

You can install tinted security film to your outdoor windows to lessen glare from the sun within your home to guarantee you experience comfortable in your indoor spaces. Your furniture and your family are always protected from the sun’s damaging rays.

Filiriko Tinted Security Film Benefits:

  • Reduce 99% of UV rays
  • Greater strength and level of protection
  • Reduced glare and heat
  • Better indoor temperature control
  • Easy installation, cost-effective options
  • Protect yourself and your belongings from glass debris
  • Prevent break-ins and safeguard your home
  • Prevent harm and issues from glass shattering

Our range of tinted security films is available in various styles and aesthetics. It has different colored tints and varying levels of darkness. If you are after a decorative style tinted security film or a specific or unique tinted security film to add to your windows, exploring Filiriko tinted security film may provide you with more options. Depending on your requirements, the Filiriko team can manufacture it for you.

Filiriko is a professional window film and tint manufacturer in China; we have in-house production that will let you save effort and lower costs. With excellent industry experience and knowledge, Filiriko can produce outstanding products to support your business.

We guarantee that all products are manufactured and designed to the highest standards offered at a very cost-effective rate. Filiriko, as a certified company, has robust quality control, advanced manufacturing line, and skilled employees. Certainly, Filiriko is your one-stop shop for your tinted security film sourcing.

Aside from tinted security film, we also manufacture a wide range of other window film and tint products such as architectural window films, UV window film, infrared window tint, polarized window tint, ceramic window tint, and much more.

For your next tinted security film business or project needs, rely on Filiriko as your #1 solution. Contact us immediately to discuss further information about what we offer and provide excellent services we could.

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