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Filiriko is devoted to manufacturing high-quality TPH film. We also welcome OEM and ODM orders. As an expert manufacturer, we can provide you with a professional TPH film and excellent services.

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Filiriko TPH Film

Filiriko is an outstanding company engaged in the manufacture, research, development,  production, and sale of TPH film. We manufacture an extraordinary TPH film that is suitable for various applications. We have a comprehensive range of TPH films and other protective films. If you wish to have the best TPH film, choose Filiriko. Together with our skilled team, we can fully support your needs!

Our TPH Film Series

TPH Car Headlight Protection Film

This kind of TPH film is the best to apply to your vehicle. It has a great capacity to protect your car headlight. Comes in different colors like blue, black, white, and more.

Glossy TPH Film

The glossy TPH film is available in different thicknesses and colors. It is flexible, stretchable, stylish, and attractive making them an ideal film for car protection.

Self-Adhesive TPH Film

A self-adhesive TPH film meets the CE and RoHs certifications. It provides strong protection, is safe, and is pollution-free since it is made from economical materials.

Anti-Scratch TPH Film

The anti-scratch TPH film is widely used for car wrapping and covering. It has a 0.17mm thickness. This film protects your car paint against any harm.

Transparent TPH Film

The transparent TPH film features high heat resistance and high transparency. This film won’t affect the natural color and original appearance of your property.

Nano Coated TPH Film

A nano-coated TPH film comes from 5% to 75% of VLT. It is the effective protection of night visibility. This film is super durable and at the same time not easy to fade.

Matte TPH Film

The matte TPH film is the best protection from chemicals, UV damage, and stains. Our matte TPH film is easy to clean and only requires simple maintenance.

Self-Healing TPH Film

The self-healing TPH film is very flexible and comfortable to curve the surface. It makes your car stick pretty much. Moreover, this film is very easy to apply and also to remove.

High-Definition TPH Film

With high-definition TPH film, you can have a high level of confidence in your car’s safety. If you apply high-definition TPH film, your car will not easily dirt, edge, and scratch.

Why Filiriko TPH Film

Filiriko can produce a remarkable TPH film. We have more than 20 years in manufacturing protective film, laminating film, and other film materials. Whether you require TPH film for your business, we have the best solution for you. You can ensure exceptional products from Filiriko.

If you decide to import TPH film, then Fiiriko is the best exporter for you. We can transport our TPH film to different countries nationwide. Since we always prioritize customer satisfaction, we will give our best to provide you gratifying and high-quality services. Inquire us now!

TPH Film

Filiriko TPH Film Video

TPH Film Installation

As a reputable manufacturer, Filiriko can produce a remarkable and functional TPH film. We professionally produce the best TPH film which meets ISO, CE, and Rohs certifications. Our products have desirable features and stable characteristics.

We can also customize your TPH film according to your specifications desires. Our friendly staff will give you the best assistance when you need it. You can trust and rely on Filiriko!

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Filiriko- Your Reliable TPH Film Manufacturer

Filiriko is the leading manufacturer and supplier of all film products types. One of our business fields is providing a high-end TPH film. We choose the finest and superior materials to produce the best items. Whether you need any film products for your business, Filiriko is the right place for you. Affordable and high-quality products are your assurance.

Filiriko TPH film has great features and characteristics. They have become a popular film in many vehicles. These products are widely used for decorative and protection applications. Moreover, this kind of film comes with different thicknesses, dimensions, VLT, and other specs.

Features and Advantage of Filiriko TPH Film

  • Anti-scratch
  • Anti-yellowing 
  • Self-healing
  • A long-term solution
  • Anti-yellowing 
  • Chemical-resistant 
  • Stain-resistant
  • Protection from UV damage
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Enhanced Gloss
  • Stretchable
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Waterproof
  • Stylish

You can find the most exceptional film products from Filiriko. We are utilizing complete production equipment to make sure that every manufacturing procedure is correct. Filiriko has the widest selection of protective films which are suitable in various fields.

Different Colors of Filiriko TPH Film

  • Transparent
  • Light black
  • Deep black
  • Light blue
  • Brown

Aside from TPH Film, we also manufacture window film tint, car tint film, home tint film, PPF wrap, and so much more. We commit ourselves to the manufacture, design, development, production, and sales of protective film products.

With 20 years of manufacturing experience, we obtained the best reputation and got positive feedback from our customers. We love to provide for your needs and give you practical assistance. Filiriko has respectful and friendly staff who are ready to give you excellent services based on your needs.

If you need TPH film for your project, then choose Filiriko. We offer a functional and reliable protective film. Once you purchase from us, we can shop or deliver you goods timely. You assume a safe transaction if you order from us.

If you have more details to discuss, we can transact you online or can meet you personally. Please contact us directly to get more information!

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