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Filiriko is a professional TPU PPF provider and manufacturer in China. We engage in manufacturing high-end and superior film products. When you need protective film for your business, always count on us. We can give you the best and turnkey solution.

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Filiriko TPU PPF

If TPU PPF is your interest, Filirko is the best place for you. Filiriko is an experienced manufacturer who can fabricate high-quality products. We have a wide selection of protective films that are suitable for various applications. Moreover, Filiriko offers affordable product rates yet outstanding quality. If you are looking for exceptional PPF products, you can check our selection. Trust Filiriko!

Our TPU PPF Series


A black TPU PPF is made from highly flexible materials. It is best for any outdoor vehicles applications such as cars, tricycles, trucks, SUVs, and more.

TPU PPF for Car

The film can protect your car from dust, rock chips, rust, minor scratches, and UV rays. It has a great and professional look and no fading until 3 to 5 years.

Self-Healing TPU PPF

Our self-healing TPU PPF provides long-lasting life which allows you to use it in long term. They are available in different colors and dimensions depending on your needs.

TPU PPF for Paint Protection

The TPU PPF for paint protection has an attractive appearance and an elegant looking. Can protect your properties paint against from unwanted contaminants.

Non-Yellowing TPU PPF

A non-yellowing TPU PPF features high durability and exceptional clarify. Suitable in various applications. This film is available at very affordable and reasonable rates.

Transparent TPU PPF

Using the transparent TPU PPF can’t affect the original color of your property. It keeps your things high-quality. This film has a professional and versatile appearance.

Anti-Scratch TPU PPF

Our anti-scratch TPU PPF is an excellent film because of its desirable features and characteristics. They are easy to cut with the dimensions required.

Glossy TPU PPF

The glossy TPU PPF has strong toughness and is also features weather-resistant. It is a removable film that enables you to remove it effortlessly when requires.

Nano-Ceramic TPU PPF

A nano-ceramic TPU PPF is easy to apply and easy to remove. It comes in a wide variety of thicknesses, colors, features, and designs. Very affordable yet high-quality.

Why Filiriko TPU PPF

Filiriko is a skilled Film supplier and manufacturer. We have a broad range of film materials for several uses. If you need a strong TPU PPF, Filiriko is an excellent choice for you. We have been manufacturing and fabricating protective film with decades of expertise. We are pleased to propose our film products nearby and outside. 

Filiriko produces functional and serviceable products. We perform and act as an independent manufacturer and supplier. At Filiriko, you can meet a strong and preferred film. We offer an economical and unique and exceptional products. You can mail us your TPU PPF wishes!


Filiriko TPU PPF Video

TPU PPF Installation

Filiriko provides an excellent solution. We manufacture using superior and high-quality materials ensuring the best products conditions. As an expert manufacturer, we can meet your TPU PPF standards and qualifications. Filiriko products meets various certifications such as ISO, ROHS, and more.

We consider the customer’s ideas in manufacturing our TPU PPF. You can forward us your PPF details and other specifications. We will give you an exact and perfect film according to your wish!

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Filiriko- Your Reliable TPU PPF Manufacturer

Filiriko is an old pro manufacturer of TPU PPF base in China. We have over 20 years of manufacturing experience for all kinds of film products. We can professionally export our products from different countries nationwide. Whether you decide to import PPF products, Filirko is the best choice for you to choose.

Filiriko TPU PPF provides better protection of any properties. This film is very helpful to protect your goods from any unwanted contaminants like rust, UV rays, minor scratches, and many more. It comes in various colors and thicknesses. Additionally, our TPUPPF has a professional and elegant look making them an ideal film for any vehicle.

Features and Advantages of Filiriko TPU PPF

  • Strong toughness 
  • High flexibility
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to clean
  • Exceptional clarify
  • Non-yellowing
  • UV Rejection
  • High-Temperature Resistance
  • Anti-scratches
  • Easy to install and remove

Filiriko TPU PPF is effortless to apply. We fabricate exceptional film products from flexible and economical materials. Whether you need reliable TPU PPF for your personal and business applications, ask Filiriko to deliver.

Applications of Filiriko TPU PPF

  • Car
  • Tricycle
  • Suvs
  • Truck, etc.

We are the best place to count whenever you wish to import TPU PPF for your business. Our products meet your special standards and qualifications. We offer affordable rates that are suitable for your budget. Filiriko is committed to the manufacture, design, development, production, and sales of film products.

We love to give you professional and timely assistance when you purchase from Filiriko’s products. We are working with a skilled and talented team, allowing us to have better production. We can give you a full range of services, helping you save more effort, time, and costs.

Filiriko always considers customers’ ideas to exceed your requirements. From choosing materials to product design, we can follow your exact specifications. 

Please let us know your preferable TPU PPF. You can contact us directly if you have more details to discuss! 

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