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As your leading truck window tint manufacturer in China, Filiriko has great ability to provide complete solutions and satisfying services. We manufacture various window tints for truck applications offering perfect measurements, colors, and textures.

Filiriko truck window tint offers plenty advantages you need with an acceptable prices. Send your inquiries!

Filiriko Truck Window Tint

Filiriko is your trusted truck window tint manufacturer and producer that provide complete selections to help you choose faster. You can look for our samples provide listed below. It will help you choose various selections from thickness ideas, measurements, colors, coatings, and more. Send your ideal truck window tint!

Our Truck Window Tint Series

2 Way Truck Window Tint

Choose 2 way truck window tints at various thickness and coatings. You can choose different layers and transparency.

Ceramic Truck Window Tint

Ceramic truck window tint is available in  white and any other colors with 0.5mm and up thikness.

Colored Truck Window Tint

We have variety of truck window tint colors like green, blue, red, and more colors available in anti-scratch and anti-fog.

Explosion-Proof Truck Window Tint

You can get the best durability of explosion proof truck window tints. Available in different features, measurements, etc.

Frosted Truck Window Tint

We can supply different window tint for truck applications. We have frosted window tints at different thickness.

Heat Resistant Green Truck Window Tint

Choose green truck window tint featuring heat resistant with long life span ability. You can save your money because of affordability.

Light Black Truck Window Tint

You can also choose light black truck window tint with soft and heavy hardness. Available in various applications.

Transparent Truck Window Tint

You can choose various colors of transparent truck window tints at our selections available with anti-scratch and impact resistant.

UV Protection Truck Window Tint

Choose different hardness and features of truck window tints. Featuring UV resistant and anti-fog at affordable prices.

Why Filiriko Truck Window Tint

Choosing the right truck window tint supplier and manufacturer in China is your right choice to save your money and get the best quality supplies. We manufacture various selections and ensure to suppl high quality and approved truck window tints. Suitable for business and personal project purposes that surely attract your customer attentions.

Filiriko is manufacturing truck window tint that meet your special requirements and help you get competitive rates. We have complete and skilled supporting team from production and sales. Message us now!

Truck Window Tint

Filiriko Truck Window Tint Video

Truck Window Tint
Truck Window Tint

Filiriko have been trusted and popular in more than 20 years in the industry. Providing perfect space to ensure complete equipments and convenient processing lines. We can manufacture a lot of truck window tint and export wherever your location nationwide. We are known in producing complete selections to help your purchase easier and fast.

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Truck Window Tint

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Filiriko- Your Reliable Truck Window Tint Manufacturer

Searching for well-trusted truck window tints supplier and manufacturer in China? Filiriko is the answer to your problem. We are one of the popular truck window tints suppliers and manufacturers in China that serve for more than 20 years.

Filiriko truck window tints are popular tints for window protection and other truck body applications. There is plenty of reason why many truck or car owners choose to tint their vehicle windows. But, when planning to tint your truck window, you need to understand your truck percentage.

If you choose the lower percentage, you can get darker tints. Our truck window tints have great window protection because it features UV resistance. It provides the vehicle owners privacy and safety to drive. It reduces driver’s eye glare and safer travel that able to block heat and light under the sun and protect from UV rays.

20% excellent choice for you if you need privacy for your own vehicle. It is difficult to see inside even closer because of the tint.

The Benefits of Truck Window Tinting:

  • Preserve your interior and protect your skin from UV rays
  • Prevent accidents that protect 90% from eye glare under the sunlight
  • Increase privacy because of 20% tinting
  • Better gas Mileage
  • A sharper look with complete features

Filiriko is manufacturing truck window tints that complete your satisfaction in driving. You can be more confident with your truck’s look and appearance. Choose the right measurements, colors, thickness, and more truck window tints options for your final applications and business purposes.

Filiriko assure the best quality and excellent applications for your vehicle with our truck window tints. Applying an extra layer to your truck windows can provide the following:

  • Covers and prevent scratch to your window
  • Featuring anti-fogs for rainy travel
  • Moisture resistance to drive safer
  • Provides more comfort and privacy

We can freely support and suggest the best truck window tints for your own purpose. Whether you need them for your distribution purposes or supporting a growing project or shop, supplying retail and wholesale businesses, Filiriko is your perfect choice to rely on.

Filiriko is a trusted partner for more than 20 years building long-term connections to help your next purchase easier. Send your inquiries and benefit from the best services we offer.

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