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Get high-quality UV window tinting at affordable prices only at Filiriko! We stock thousands of UV window tinting for your reference.

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Filiriko UV Window Tinting

Filiriko specialized in developing and distributing top-quality UV window tinting to customers worldwide. Our team is committed to supplying high-quality products and excellent after-sale service. At Filiriko, you can get benefits from our 20 years of experience!

Our UV Window Tinting Series

Car Window Solar Tinting

It reduces the sun’s harmful UV-B and UV-A cancer-causing rays by up to 99%. Obtainable at competitive rates.

UV Block Car Window Film

Our UV block car window film uses high-grade PET materials. It is 99% UV resistance and self-adhesive.

Automotive Window Film

Our automotive window film features durable, high insulation rejection, high UV blocking, and crystal clearness.

UV Block Reflective Metallic Window Film

It can give a high level of personal privacy, protects pets in a vehicle, and provides a stylish, elegant prestige look.

Heat Reduction UV Protection Window Film

It can guarantee high heat rejection, 99% UV rejection, and high transparent PET essential film. Avail now at affordable rates.

Heat Rejection Solar Car Window Film

It is available in many colors like blue, black, green, light blue, white, and customized. Inquire us now!

UV Block Nano Ceramic IR Film

Our UV block Nanoceramic IR film can guarantee 100% Anti-Explosion and Heat Reduction.

Heat Insulation Window Tinting Film

It is easy to peel off with steady adhesion, has high insulation rejection, and is anti-explosion.

UV Block Light Blue Car Tinting Film

Its visible light transmission (Vlt) is up to 5%-80%. The film is available in different colors and sizes.

Why Filiriko UV Window Tinting

Filiriko offers affordable yet quality UV window tinting to customers worldwide. We manufacture UV window tinting using high-grade raw materials. We have a qualified material sourcing team to ensure all the materials meet the quality standards.

Filiriko is a long-established UV window tinting company in China with skilled workers and modern facilities. You can always count on us for all your tinting needs.

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In China, Filiriko is a reputable UV window tinting manufacturer and supplier with 20+ years of experience. Our products are top-rated in the market worldwide. With many years of experience, Filiriko has to gain an excellent reputation in domestic and international markets.

Filiriko is your ODM manufacturer in China. We have a professional R&D team to support your brand entirely. Plus, Filiriko is your one-stop solution to fulfill your window tinting business. Please reach out to us for more information.

Filiriko - Your Premier UV Window Tinting Manufacturer in China

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Filiriko- Your Reliable UV Window Tinting Manufacturer

If you’re looking for a perfect UV window tinting for your business or project requirements, look no further than Filiriko. Filiriko is a leading window film and window tinting manufacturer and supplier in China.

Our team has over 20 years of manufacturing experience. We are experts in window tinting for homes and cars. One of the best car window tints we offer is UV window tinting.

If you require UV tint film for your project, Filiriko is a perfect place to come. Filiriko is a leading UV tint film manufacturer and supplier in China with 20+ years of experience. 

UV Blocking Window Film for Car

Installing UV blocking window film for your car is the best way of providing an added layer of UV rays protection. And also, installing UV tint film for your vehicle is an investment in your family’s health and wellbeing.

At Filiriko, we have a wide range of UV tint films available for your selection. It can guarantee exceptional heat, glare, and UV protection for car windows. In addition to this, UV blocking window film creates an effective barrier from harsh radiation from the sun.

Plus, Filiriko UV blocking window film for cars has numerous options, including a range of color shades. Whether you’re after a darker shade or a clear UV tint, we stock them all for you.

UV Window Tinting Benefits

Applying UV window tinting for your car adds comfort and style to your driving experience. It helps to protect the interior from the sun. Here are some of the benefits of UV window tinting:

  • Adhesive or static cling
  • Less reflection
  • Control/film levels

Filiriko is your trustworthy UV blocking window tint manufacturer and supplier in China. Our complete line of UV blocking window tints is suitable for automotive, residential, and commercial installations.

At Filiriko, we only carry the best and trusted brands of UV-blocking window tint for your car needs. Our vast knowledge of window tint manufacturing allows us to produce your requirements faster, turnaround times, efficiency, and competitive prices.

Whether you need UV window tinting for your business or project requirements, Filiriko is a perfect place to trust. Old and new clients are welcome to purchase our product with no minimum order.

Let Filiriko skyrocket your business!

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