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Filiriko offers a wide range of VLT Tints to meet all your application needs. Our team chooses the best raw materials to ensure their durability.

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Filiriko VLT Tint

We offer a turnkey solution for all your Vlt tint needs. Filiriko has been a world-leading Vlt tints manufacturer and supplier in China for over two decades. Furthermore, we can help you skyrocket your business by providing high-quality, durable Vlt tints. You can choose our Vlt tint solutions that we list below.

Our VLT Tint Series

2.5 Window Tint

Our 2.5 window tint is available in many different colors, features, and benefits. It is also customizable based on your needs.

5 Ceramic Tint

Our 5 ceramic tints can be available in 10 Vlt, 20 Vlt, 25 Vlt, 30 Vlt, and many more. You can request from us your ideal Vlt for your window tint.

10 Window Tint

Our 10 window tint can give benefits to your applications. It can protect your interior from UV rays. It is also highly customized to your specifications.

15 Window Tint

You can select what colors you want for your 15 window tint: green, blue, red, champagne, yellow, orange, etc.

25 Window Tint

We manufacture 25 window tints of high quality at competitive prices. If you have any specifications, please let our team knows!

27 Window Tint

We can adjust the darkness you want for your 27 window tint without compromising its ability to block the heat.

35 Window Tint

Filiriko 28 window tint can increased visibility. It is available in a wide range of colors for your selection. Avail now!

28 Window Tint

Our 35 window tint allows you to darken your car window. It is available in many sizes that fit your applications.

36 Window Tint

You can upgrade the privacy and style of your car by installing 36 window tints from Filiriko. Please contact us now!

Why Filiriko VLT Tint

In China, Filiriko is a well-known Vlt tints supplier and manufacturer. We have the most advanced production machinery and skilled workers to produce your ideal Vlt tints.

Filiriko also offers customized solutions to all our customers from different countries. When it comes to quality products and excellent services, you can always count on us!

VLT Tint

Filiriko VLT Tint Video

VLT Tint Manufacturer
VLT Tint Manufacturer

Our capabilities and professional workforces allow us to supply you with high-quality Vlt tints on time. We can export our Vlt tints and other window films throughout the world.

Filiriko can make Vlt tints according to our customer’s specifications. Depending on your applications, we can excellently provide for your needs. Would you mind sending us your drawings or layout for custom Vlt tints?

Filiriko - Your Premier VLT Tint Manufacturer in China

Vlt Tint

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Filiriko- Your Reliable VLT Tint Manufacturer

Are you in need of Vlt tints for your upcoming projects? Filiriko is an ideal firm to custom your Vlt tints needs. With over 20 years of experience, Filiriko has gained an excellent reputation in international and domestic markets.

Here in Filiriko, we can help you consider a perfect window tint percentage for your car or home. Whether you need 2.5 percent window tint, 10 percent window tint, 15 percent window tint, and so on, Filiriko can always accommodate your Vlt tint needs for your car.

Types of Window Vlt Tint Percentage

Filiriko can accommodate your Vlt (Visible Light transmission) tint needs, from 5% to 90%. The percentage refers to the Vlt amount that can come through the windows.

If you’re planning to purchase a tinting film for your house or car windows, Filiriko has numerous Vlt’s available for you. We have the darkest film, 5% Vlt, and the lightest film, 70%.

Filiriko Vlt tint can block UV rays and allows more light to penetrate the glass.  Here at Filiriko, you can find suitable Vlt tints for your projects.

Here are some of Filiriko film percentages offers:

  • 5% Tint: Applying 5% tints means you can’t see through at all.
  • 20% Tint: You can see through the window up close from an outside view.
  • 35% Tint: It allows the user to see through easily, even with a darker appearance.
  • 50% Tint: It forms a bit dark, but it can block only half the light.

All in all, Filiriko Vlt tints can provide benefits for drivers. Here are some benefits of Filiriko Vlt tints for you:

  • reduce glare
  • protect your skin from UV rays
  • protect your interior from UV rays
  • provides security against the wandering eye

Our Advantages

If you’re looking for the best Vlt tint manufacturer and supplier with great experience, Filiriko is the answer. We have been a leading window tint manufacturer in China for over 22 years. Plus, we can recommend you on choosing the right Vlt percentage for your car or home window.

As a leading Vlt tint manufacturer and supplier in China, we are experts in exporting all types of Vlt tints to different countries. We have vast experience in shipping products and provide all the documents needed in your country.

Whether you need Vlt tints for your project or business, Filiriko is always the best place!

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