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Filiriko is an industry leader in window blackout film and other home window tinting solutions. We supply various types of window blackout film that come in different sizes, features, thicknesses, designs, etc. You can always depend on Filiriko for your window blackout film sourcing.

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Filiriko Window Blackout Film

Through the constant innovation and dedication to research and development, production process, and quality control, Filiriko providing window blackout films with outstanding quality and performance in the industry. With a wide range of colors and qualities, All of our window blackout films are made from the highest quality raw material that exceeds our global customers’ requirements. Discover the right and high-precision products at Filiriko!

Our Window Blackout Film Series

Home Window Blackout Film

One of the affordable options if you want to blackout your windows. Easy to remove and install.

152cmx30m Roll Blackout Opaque Window Film

This product act as a decorative in your home or any building. It is explosion-proof, heat insulation, anti UV, etc.

Office Window Blackout Film

Our office window blackout film delivers good and steady adhesive strength with excellent privacy protection.

Self-Adhesive Blackout Window Film

It is produced in the clean-dust room. This product has a 5-7 years guarantee time, no fading color, and no bubble.

Premium Blackout Window Film

Adhesive-free and easy to install window film. It blocks more than 96% of ultraviolet rays and protects your furnishing from fading.

Patterned Blackout Window Film

This product will add a decorative element to any room. It has an elegant floral motif, perfect for your taste. If you have a specific patterned blackout window film design, message us today!

Custom Blackout Window Film

Choose Filiriko to custom your window blackout film. We ensure to provide high-temperature resistance, best solar control films.

White Total Blackout Window Film

A great choice if you want to blackout a window but don’t want to install the black film. Although it is white in color, White Total Blackout Window Film still blocks out 100% of light just as capably as any black-colored film.

Static Cling Total Blackout Window Film

This product gives you 100% privacy in your home or offices. It blocks UV rays and manages to block heat from the sun from penetrating the window.

Why Filiriko Window Blackout Film

Filiriko is a world-class manufacturer of window blackout films in China. We have rich knowledge in this industry and already established long-term business relationships with customers globally. Filiriko ensures 100% quality products with stable and beautiful features.

Filiriko is recognized as an excellent qualified OEM provider for many brands’ window film products. Be one of our satisfied clients today!

Window Blackout Film Supplier

Filiriko Window Blackout Film Video

Window Blackout Film Manufacturing
Window Blackout Films

Filiriko priority customers satisfaction. We consistently improve the quality and development of our products. We acknowledge all feedback from our customers globally, and it encouraged us to realize effectiveness and efficiency. Filiriko is committed to serving you the highest quality window blackout films and other related products with the best price and service.

If you have any window film concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us. It’s our great pleasure to become your long-term business partner in the field of window blackout film and other products.

Window Blackout Film Benefits

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Filiriko- Your Outstanding Window Blackout Film Manufacturer

With over 20 years of experience, Filiriko is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of high-function window films and tints used in residential, commercial, and automotive applications. Our team is specializes in manufacturing window films especially window blackout films.

Filiriko window blackout films are manufactured in various profiles, designs, textures, and shapes. You can find the best product here that can surely boost your business. We offer high-end window films with accurate color, optimal versatility, and optical clarity.

If you need to block out all light to allow you to sleep during the day, or you need complete privacy from prying eyes or for any other reason, this window blackout film from Filiriko is your ultimate solution.

Filiriko Window Blackout Film Benefits:

  • Blocks out 99% of light
  • Improve Energy Efficiency
  • Enhance Privacy and Style
  • Protect Furniture from Sun Damage
  • Protect Your Family
  • UV Protection
  • Reduce Heat and Glare
  • Safety and Security
  • It’s so easy to peel off, easy to install
  • Add decoration to your home/office
  • Good and steady adhesive strength.
  • Anti-explosion

Filiriko owns a complete and advanced manufacturing machine in our facilities. Through the help of our professional designers, staff, and engineers, we can produce top-quality window blackout films with rich advantages for your applications.

Filiriko specializes in window blackout films and other window film fabrication. We became famous for providing negotiable products in the market. Save time and money because all our products are offered cost-effective. Many businesses firm, wholesalers, distributors, and suppliers trust Filiriko. Be one of them!

Purchasing at Filiriko means you team up with a specialist with many years of experience in this manufacturing industry. We can ensure window films and tints have many benefits for your satisfaction.

Filiriko is your one-stop-shop manufacturer for all kinds of window films. An extensive product is also available here, such as ceramic window tint for home, solar window film, two-way window film, tinted security film, and so on.

Dealing with Filiriko is easy and very beneficial to your project. We can support OEM services and can set a long-term business partnership with customers globally.

For more information on window blackout film products, you can contact us now and get an instant quote.

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