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Filiriko is a company that manufactures and produces window tint film at a low cost. Filiriko has been a leading window tint film manufacturer in China for over two decades, supplying high-quality products to hundreds of countries. We offer a unique style of window tint film for your brand using our professionals and comprehensive capabilities. You can send your information as well as your complete applications.

Filiriko is the only place to go for the most affordable yet high-quality window tint film. Filiriko is where you should send your upcoming window tint film command.

Filiriko Window Tint Film

Filiriko has been manufacturing high-quality window tint film for more than twenty years. Filiriko is one of the best window tint film producers and distributors in the community. Our window tint film comes in a variety of features designs, which are listed below. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of some of our top-level window tint film inquiries for your consideration. We will make every effort to accommodate your particular requests to assist you in running your stretchable enterprise and meeting your project requirements. Please send us the window tint film of your choice.

Our Window Tint Film Series

Solar Protection Tint Film

It removes fogs caused by rain and snow humidity and the color change for privacy protection.

Nanoceramic Window Tint

We produce nano-ceramic window tints based on your specific request and applications.

High IR Window Tint Film

It adopts the new nano series and polymerization technology to make it clear, weather-resistant, and stable in quality.

Automotive Window Film

Significantly reduces the glare from blinding sunlight, allowing you to see better and focus more on driving.

Anti-Heat Car Window Tint Film

It keeps the signs clean for safe driving, and it removes fogging cause humidity of the snow and rain.

Explosion Proof Window Tint Film

The explosion-proof window tint film is available in different colors like black, grey, green, blue, and transparent.

Car Glass Window Tinted Film

Features its scratch resistance, easy to clean and to remove, and more. Car Glass Window Tinted Films uses PET as its material.

Glass Sticker UV Proof Tint

It has two-layer protection, and it can stand the salt, weal, dirt water, and grease.

Car Window UV Protection Window Film

Its functions as your car UV and IR rejection for the window of your car window, and it has self-adhesive and one-sided glue.

Why Filiriko Window Tint Film

Filiriko is a well-known China window tint film manufacturer. We are a Chinese company that provides a variety of window films, including window tint film. We are a dependable worldwide partner with extensive experience in locating the window tint film you require. We offer various window tint film thicknesses, features, and other factors to recognize when working on a project.

We guarantee to produce window tint film that has undergone testing and other inspections. We are worthy of your trust because we consistently provide comprehensive support and high-quality window tint film goods. Filiriko is the company to contact if you need window tint film. Message us now!

Window Tint Film

Filiriko Window Tint Film Video

Window Tint Film
Window Tint Film

Due to its numerous positive effects and incentives, Filiriko window tint film uses it in various industries. We develop and manufacture high-quality window tint film with superior outstanding efficiency. For both domestic and international articles, it constantly acquires increasing business demand. In the profession of window tint film manufacturer, we have the most mfg expertise in the field. 

We have amazing market segments that support us by a dedicating manufacturing team. Filiriko is a reputable business that produces high-quality window tint film with sturdy construction and high efficiency. We can provide you with a high-quality window tint film as well as timely delivery. You can put your trust in us!

Window Tint Film

Data Sheet


Filiriko- Your Outstanding Window Tint Film Manufacturer

Filiriko provides you with this opportunity by providing excellent supplies that are customizable for your demands. Window tint film comes in a variety of colors, thicknesses, and dimensions to suit your needs. Our company only sells window tint films that have received the highest level of international certification.

Filiriko window tint film comes in a variety of sizes, features, colors, and other options. Its function is to maintain the environment safe while they are releasing and processing. With the world’s most potent window tint film, Filiriko can also provide window tint film for various applications and specifications.

Filiriko can make window tint films for you based on your beneficial effects and privileges. We guarantee high-quality applications and efficiency. We have the highest rating as a specialist manufacturing company, and we always keep it by providing valuable products and services.

Benefits of Window Tint Film

  • Increase your energy savings.
  • Safeguard your precious furniture.
  • Guard against the sun’s damaging UV rays.
  • Minimize damages during window breaks.
  • Eliminate bothersome glare.
  • Increase your privacy.
  • Give your home a decorative edge.

Common Types of Window Tint Film

  • Dyed Window Tinting
  • Metalized Window Tinting
  • Hybrid Window Tinting
  • Carbon Window Tint Film
  • Crystalline Tinting
  • Ceramic Window Tinting

Our manufacturing inspection team analyzes the window tint film regularly to guarantee its dependability and cohesion. This type of window tint film material imbues you by providing you with precise and satisfying results. Filiriko achieves the full capacity to manufacture window tint film, relying on your standards after more than eighteen years of industry experience.

Our manufacturer enthusiastically accepts any ODM and OEM solutions relying on the above-said commodities. We enhance the progress of window tint film and other similar products that will support you meet your needs. We have an international influence of over a hundred countries and are well-known in many countries worldwide.

Filiriko manufactures a wide range of window tinting film, PET aluminum foil, Silicone-coated polyester film, and other products in addition to window tint film. We offer comprehensive centers, efficient plant space, and many competent mass production professionals and business employees.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need our window tint film products. We strive for your complete contentment.

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