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Filiriko is your premier choice to be your long-term partner and reliable partner in running a business. Filiriko is a leading windshield protection film manufacturer and supplier in China producing complete selections that can lower your cost and save money.

We provide various materials suitable for your final applications.

Filiriko Windshield Protection Film

As your professional windshield protection film producer in China, Filiriko assure the best quality and effective product applications. For your faster purchase, Filiriko ensures to provide complete selections and free samples. We have listed some windshield protection film ideas below that can help you choose the right measurements, features, and more specifications. Send your details now!

Our Windshield Protection Film Series

2 Ply Heat Blocking Windshield Protection Film

You can choose 2 ply windshield protection films with heat blocking ability. Available in black and light black colors.

Anti-Scratch Windshield Protection Film

We design anti-scratch windshield protection films available in colored and clear films. It has different thickness.

Black Windshield Protection Film

You can choose black windshield protection films. It has great UV resistance and provide scratch resistance for long life span.

Bullet Proof Windshield Protection Film

We supply various windshield protection films selections. You can choose bullet proof offered long life span and affordable cost.

Light Black Windshield Protection Film

You can choose light black windshield protection films at your desired thickness and colors. Easier to apply and handle.

Light Green Windshield Protection Film

We supply light green windshield protection films supplied at your desired quantity. Easier to clean and apply to any uses.

Removable Car Windshield Protection Film

There are removable car windshield protection films and customizable available in different thickness and colors.

Transparent Windshield Protection Film

Filiriko is a leading windshield protection films supplier in China. Available in transparent suitable for different styles.

UV-Resistant Windshield Protection Film

This is one of the popular selections that people choose. You can get UV resistant windshield protection films.

Why Filiriko Windshield Protection Film

Filiriko is an experienced company that can fully support your whole process and assure you to supply most quality windshield protection films. It is perfect for your business and personal project purposes that can save your budget and help you gain perfect profits. We produce highest quality windshield protection films at your desired thickness and measurements.

We professionally produce and export windshield protection film nationwide. Our friendly customer service will guide your entire process. We offer complete solutions to give you satisfaction. Message us now!

Windshield Protection Films

Filiriko Windshield Protection Film Video

Windshield Protection Films
Windshield Protection Films

Filiriko has over 20 years of expertise providing effective windshield protection film that exceed highest standards. It passed FDA standards, CE, UL, and more certifications that you can trust for your final applications. We provide complete services and offer quickest response.

We, Filiriko professionally handle smoother production with our complete equipments and convenient plant area. We ensure trained manufacturing staff that support according to their designated areas. Send us your details. We can create the best customizations for your windshield protection film orders.

Windshield Protection Films

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Filiriko- Your Professional Windshield Protection Film Manufacturer

Are you looking for affordable and durable windshield protection film in China? Filiriko will produce your ideal selections. We have over 20 years of experience that you can fully trust in running a business.

Fliriko is fully supported those who love cars and want to protect their windshields. This is the best passion for all car lovers and owners by protecting the body including windshields. If you are handling car shops, You can also add windshield protection film as your business selections for your customer’s choice. It has various options from measurements you need, thickness, colors, coatings, and more.

Filiriko windshield protection film is a protective film with a different hardness that provides perfect features like bulletproof, scratch resistance, anti-fog, moisture resistance, and more. You can request customizations from various colors, thicknesses, measurements, and more.

Filiriko Windshield Protective Film Advantages:

  • Easier to apply and handle
  • Various features, long life span
  • Durable and protective window films
  • Great absorbing polymer layers
  • Extra shock absorbance
  • Suitable for windshield protection
  • Use for anti-theft security
  • Protect from bullets and other incidents
  • Anti-UV that prevent accidents

Filiriko is an expert and the experienced company producing a variety of protective films at different applications. We can manufacture and supple windshield protection films according to your request. High-quality films that reduce high risk to prevent accidents. Everywhere in daily travel and distance drive, there are different conditions that you need to consider protective films.

Our windshield protection film is very useful under the heat of the sun. It protects from direct sunlight and lets you see the way even in high brightness. In choosing the right windshield protection film for your business purposes, you can consider the material, transparency you need, hardness, colors, molding method, and more.

There are various uses and advantages of windshield protection film that you can consider always to familiarize your final application needs. Then you need to know various packaging since we follow-up and ensure satisfaction from our complete services offer.

In many years in the industry, we handle smoother production using our high-tech and modern machines. We have complete facilities and a convenient plant area supported with plenty of skilled manufacturing staff.

Strict quality controls are handles offering the quickest response for your satisfaction. Send your inquiries!

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