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Filiriko is a professional electrical insulation film manufacturer and supplier in China for over 20 years. We produce high-quality and high-performance electrical insulation film in various thicknesses and widths.

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Filiriko Electrical Insulation Film

Filiriko is a trusted electrical insulation film provider with profound experience in this industry. We are equipped with the latest manufacturing equipment and mature technology. If you need high-end electrical insulation film for your business, Filiriko is your ultimate supplier. We aim to supply high-quality products and services to our clients worldwide and look forward to delivering practical and sustainable growth to you as your dependable partner.

Our Electrical Insulation Film Series

High Temperature Resistance Electrical Insulation Film

Available in amber, yellow, golden, etc. It has good features like high chemical performance, high-rated voltage suitable for high temperature and insulation applications.

Thermal Insulation Aluminum Film

You can find a variety of thickness options for thermal insulation aluminum film. This product is moisture-proof, heat preservation, heat insulation, sunshade, etc.

Copper-Clad Polyimide Film For Electrical Insulation

Our copper-clad polyimide film for electrical insulation is made from composite polymer materials. It has 0.025~0.25(mm) film thickness, 10~37(kg/25mm) tensile strength.

Flexible Electrical Insulating Film

Our flexible electrical insulating film is perfect for your applications because it offers high-temperature resistance, high insulations, radiation resistance, and excellent dielectric properties.

Clear Insulation Polyimide Film

Made from polyimide film with 0-20 Kv rated voltage, high-tensile strength, 25μm/50μm/75μm/100μm/125μm/175μm nominal thickness, 1.4±0.02g/cm density.

Cost-Effective Polyimide Film for H-class Motors Electrical Insulation

Avail polyimide film for h-class motors electrical insulation for a very cost-effective rate. It provides heat resistance, thermal performance, and anti-static.

300 Micron Electrical Insulation Opaque White Polyester Film

They are broadly used for electric appliances, adhesive products, electrical insulating gaskets, etc. This product has good insulating properties, high purity, and a high degree of uniform thickness.

Low Voltage Electrical PVC Insulation Film

This product can be tailor-made to each customer’s application. 5 to 150 mm flat width, 40 to 200 microns thickness, available in shiny, matt, or satin finish.

Custom Electrical Insulation Film

Widely used in H-class motors, electrical insulation and other electrical applications. It has smooth film surface, no defects such as  tears, wrinkles, foreign impurities, etc.

Why Filiriko Electrical Insulation Film

Filiriko is the right place for you if you’re having a hard time searching for the best electrical insulation film. Filiriko is famous for producing electrical insulation film for your business.

You can guarantee to receive the best quality electrical insulation film from us. In every process, we follow strict quality control and inspection to ensure defect-free and smooth electrical insulation film.

Electrical Insulation Film

Filiriko Electrical Insulation Film Video

Filiriko Quality Electrical Insulation Film
Electrical Insulation Films

To skyrocket your business, choose Filiriko as your dependable electrical insulation film manufacturer and supplier in China. Whether you’re a distributor, wholesaler, or custom company, Filiriko can satisfy your needs.  We can recommend a suitable electrical insulation film to meet your requirements.

We supply an extensive range of electrical insulation films. As an expert manufacturer, we can customize electrical insulation films as per the specifications given to us by our valued clients. All products are offered at very competitive prices. We employ strict quality norms in our factory to guarantee that our clients get high-precision and long-lasting effects. Contact us today!

Filiriko Electrical Insulation Film

Electrical Insulation Film Manufacturer

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Filiriko- Your Reliable Electrical Insulation Film Manufacturer

Filiriko is a professional electrical insulation film manufacturer located in China. We have engaged in this industry for more than 20 years. Our company specializes in fabricating PET films, primarily electrical insulation film. Our professional designers and technicians have broad knowledge in this field to create new products to meet your expectations.

In every process, our professional engineers always check and inspect electrical insulation film to assure defect-free, excellent performance finished. You can guarantee to obtain stable and reliable electrical insulation film for your project. In China, Filiriko is famous for delivering superior products to domestic and foreign markets. All our products are top-selling offered at a cost-effective price but do not compromise the quality.

Electronic devices generate high levels of internal energy. This can spark and destroy sensitive and valuable components or even harm users. No need to worry! Filiriko manufactures electrical insulation film that serves as a protective barrier, securing safe and trustworthy product performance.

Filiriko electrical insulation film holds exceptional dielectric strength in harsh environments. It protects against high electrical loads. It also offers high electrical and breakdown resistance. This product is perfect for low-profile and flexible solutions. Filiriko electrical insulation film reduces premature electrical failure. It helps to extend the life of electrical equipment and components.

Filiriko Electrical Insulation Film Advantages:

  • Excellent dielectric strength
  • Extend the lifetime of electrical equipment
  • Provide as a protective barrier
  • High levels of electrical, chemical & mechanical integrity
  • High-temperature resistance
  • UL 94 rated and RoHS compliant
  • Durable & reliable in demanding environments

Filiriko Electrical Insulation Film Applications:

  • Electrical Winding Insulation
  • Electrical Base, Shell, Motor
  • Switch Baseplate
  • Solar Back Sheet and Package
  • Used in flexible printed circuits
  • Insulating materials of flat electric cables
  • Insulating materials for electromagnetic wires and motors

Being a leader in this domain, Filiriko always prioritizes quality and customers. We are always willing to support you from material sourcing, custom demands and specifications, delivery, and after-sales service if you have specific electrical insulation film requirements.

Whether you’re an electrical insulation film wholesaler, distributor, or a custom company that needs electrical insulation film to produce your product, Filiriko can satisfy your needs. We are the best partner when it comes to PET films products.

Our company ensures sufficient supplies even at peak seasons.  We have thousands of electrical insulation films in our factory ready to deliver anytime, anywhere. These products are safe, environmentally friendly, dependable, and long-lasting. If you require an electrical insulation film to skyrocket your brand, Filiriko will never disappoint you.

Besides electrical insulation film, we also manufacture a wide range of BOPET film, metalized polyester film, pet transfer film, pet laminating film, calling card laminating film, and many more.

For further details about electrical insulation film, don’t hesitate to message us directly! Our sales representatives are available 24/7 to talk about your business. Together, we can build long-term business partnerships and a brighter future.

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